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You can travel with your eyes closed or you can have great aim

What information can you find in our articles? The one you need right when you are thinking about what to do and where to go on holiday this year. We even hope that our content reaches you in time and that you do not miss out on the wonderful exploration opportunities with diverse flora and fauna.
If you believe that you are doomed to take the same trips other people do, by visiting the same old buildings and by photographing the same old rocks, our articles bring you the solutions. You can either roam the beautiful pathways of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world and check the most popular natural parks off your list or go bird watching. And if you want to take a more active part in the discovery of all things of immense beauty, you have the options of volunteering in animal sanctuaries, of going on safari trips in some of the most luxurious African resorts or you can discover Europe from a horse’s saddle.

Your are defined by your travels, as well as by the choice of destinations

Who are you? You are a person who appreciates the beauty of this world, of the flowers and of the animals. You know that this is what we should be fighting to protect, to keep for future generations. What is more, you are the kind of person who does not miss out on an opportunity to learn something new or to pin old information by checking it out with your own eyes. Probably you have read all the books on the wildlife in a certain area of the world, but you have never seen any of these animals in real life. You had a herbarium when you were a child but you have never looked with awe at any of the great botanical gardens of the world. And it is all a shame and a great pity.
So why not take the chance of travel and go where your passion has always taken you. These holidays seem to have been thought up especially for you, they are meant to fit any budget and they are just as educational as you expect them to be.

What you get from reading our articles

Hopefully, the right information to let you know that you have the option of a different type of holiday. We wanted to be helpful and give you a hand in planning the perfect holiday for the person who wants to learn, to experience and to explore even on holidays. And if you ever had a passion for a certain type of animals that were inaccessible to you on a daily basis, you can at least take trip on which you could play with a koala, feed a money, cuddle with a panda bear or watch lions sunbathe from a very safe distance. Your most exciting encounters with nature do not only have to be on the National Geographic channel.