5 Amazing European Horseback Trails You Can Do

Here Are 5 Amazing European Horseback Trails You Can Do This Summer
The Ride of Your Life
When you think about holidays and travel, do you picture yourself seeing Europe from the seat of a car, from the train or from a bus, don’t you? What if you also had the option of seeing some beautiful European countries on horseback? You did not know this was a viable choice in this day and age, did you? Then know that if you have some experience riding on horseback, you can make a holiday out of it and get some pretty awesome stories to tell your friends. There are trails made out especially for this type of activity and you have your pick of European countries you can visit this way.

Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is known for the beautiful castles tourists can visit. And what is more elegant than to visit Renaissance castles and to spend some time in the company of the people who have owned them for generations? To get there on horseback and feel like a real nobleman or like a lady! You can choose one of many tours available to visitors, for prices around the sum of €2500. The price covers the cost of top accommodations for 6 nights and hot lunch meals or drinks. According to the tour operator you choose, your drinks and entrance fees may or may not be covered. The tour is open to people who have all levels of horseback riding experience.


In Tuscany you get to mix horseback riding with wine and olive oil tasting. What can be more romantic than to ride along the vineyards and the olive groves. The Tuscan countryside seems to have been especially kept intact for this type of activity. The tour includes a visit to the San Gimignano medieval town, a lovely traditional Tuscan lunch, and a lot of detours through family owned farms where you will learn a lot about saffron harvesting and cultivation, beekeeping and honey production.
The horses are the ones offered by the tour operator. Make sure to explain just how good you are at this before being assigned a naughty specimen. The route in itself does not raise any problems, but you still need to make sure your day is not ruined by a nasty fall or you do not spend it being afraid of the animal instead of enjoying the scenery.


The small and winding streets of the villages and the intricate forest pathways of Corfu are best seen from the horse’s saddle. The natural beauties of the Greek island could be lost to you if you try to take it in from the speed of a car and walking for too long is tiring and uncomfortable. But if you have the help of an animal friend, a gentle creature who can carry you anywhere while still allowing you to admire the Hellenic background from its soft waddle, then you have a real holiday right there. You can see white beaches, caves and olive groves, old monasteries and mountain streams. You can enjoy the bright green hills and be thankful for the great idea that brought you here to enjoy this amazing Mediterranean scenery.

Granada Spain

What is the biggest advantage of getting to see an area on horseback? You get to really enjoy the rugged, rural setting. It is the case of the Spanish Granada region. And once you are done with the Don Quixote mindset, get ready to discover the sparkly Mediterranean Sea, to explore the mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada. All of these natural beauties can be connected by your hoofed friend and with some well put together horseback tours.
By taking a horseback riding holiday, you will be continuing a tradition started around 1987, when these types of trip became popular. They are possible all through spring, summer and autumn and they will show you Spain like you only see in the most beautiful postcards: with picturesque traditional villages undisturbed by the hassle of the modern world and quiet terraced farms.


There are so many tours you could be taking of Iceland on horseback that we would need an article dedicated to it. Horse Trekking is very big in Iceland, it is one of the activities preferred by locals, so the people there do not have to wait for tourists to come and create a demand for this wonderful activity. Just a few of the available options include a ride along the Black River in North Iceland, the Viking tour with geothermal wonders and a lunar landscape, the lava tour and the family adventure.
Why do the same thing others do on a European holiday? Everybody takes the plane, everybody rents a car. But if you really want to feel the sophistication and to do things like they used to be done a long, long time ago, then you can see the world from the height of your saddle. You can perfect your horseback riding skills, reach areas you could have only reached by foot and become a part of the really strong European equestrian culture.
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