6 of the Biggest Animal Sanctuaries You Should Visit

You do not have to see animals only in zoos. Many of these places keep them in inhumane conditions. Therefore, if you are an animal lover and you enjoy looking at other living things yet do not like to see then caged, trapped and miserable, then maybe the animal sanctuaries are more of an option for you. These places offer shelter to animals and take good care of them. Many animals that have been mistreated end up here and lead happy lives being well cared for. This is a heartwarming and enriching experience you will surely enjoy.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Australia

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is situated in Brisbane, Australia. It was opened in 1927 and it is now home to 130 koalas. What can you do here? You can cuddle, hold and feed the koalas, which is pretty awesome. Other animals you can see at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary are the dingo, the golden brush-tail possum, the wombat, the echidna, the platypus, the kangaroo and the Tasmanian devil among many species of birds and lizards. The place offers a full experience. It goes without saying that this is a great learning opportunity and we do not only mean for the kids.

Donkey Sanctuary, Devon, UK

This is a pretty remarkable place where people can come and see the donkeys, contribute to the cause, hold events as the sanctuary also operates as a wedding venue, and even take part in therapy sessions assisted by the gentle creatures. All efforts to keep the center up and running have been made. You can make a donation, volunteer, visit, hold an event here or simply help them raise awareness about the need to take action and protect these animals. The center has been operational for 40 years and it is a great success.

Chengdu Moonbear Rescue Center, China

The people at the Chengdu Moon Bear Rescue Center in China have their work cut out for them with over 120 on site residents they need to look after. Many of these bears are sick and in need of treatment, which means having to raise considerable funds for the “bear” necessities. And since we are talking about animals you cannot really walk up to and pet, the sanctuary is not really open to public visits. However, on account of a high number of requests, organized guided tours are held especially for the sanctuary supporters. This makes it safe, educational and it shows the people who donate just how much is done with their money.

Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, Borneo

The Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary was founded in 1964 and it set out to care for orphaned baby orangutans. It is located at the edge of the Kabili Sepilok Forest Reserve in Borneo. These animals were being kept as pets, they were being hunted or were left without homes on account of intense logging. The sanctuary is spread across 10,610 acres and it is a place where the young animals are trained to take their place back in the wild. It is open for visitation and it is very well organized with tourist facilities and a visiting program that allows tourists to attend baby orangutan feeding time.

Noah’s Ark, Georgia, USA

Noah’s Ark is a non-profit organization that operates as an Educational Sanctuary for exotic and farm animals. There are over 1,500 animals in the rehabilitation project, animals that benefit from food, medical care, and a full rehabilitation process to allow them to be adopted. The place offers three different types of tours for visitors. You can take the self-guided tour on your own, which is free. There is also the guided WOW Tour that costs $75. But for those who wish to be as involved as possible, there is the $500 Keeper of the Day Tour, a full day in which the generous visitor will be given the full insights of life on the ark and how things are done. Normally, all the money goes to the operation of the Sanctuary where medical bills alone sum up to $33,000 a month.

The Vervet Monkey Foundation, South Africa

The Vervet Monkey Foundation is home to over 500 primates that were injured, orphaned, abused, abandoned by former owners or used as laboratory animals. The sanctuary is based in Tzaneen, in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. If you are interested in a visit, know that you can do much more like volunteer and help out the people working very hard to rehabilitate these animals.
Has it even occurred to you to go to a zoo looking for a fun day with animals and to end up being depressed and displeased with the conditions in which the animals were kept? Then why not switch to going to sanctuaries and not risk ruining your mood over the holidays. There are a lot of such places all over the world and they even offer a high degree of interaction with the gentler species. So make sure you keep our list in mind next time you leave home for the holidays and drop by some of these places. And if you are traveling with kids, this might just be the highlight of their vacation.
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Here are 6 of the biggest animal sanctuaries in the world. You should consider visiting these places next time you are traveling and you want a chance to interact with the local animals.